MALLER S.r.l. in order to enhance its market position and to operate in an increasingly competitive and selective sector, decides to continue its improvement process by providing its own Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, recognizing in this way the strategic role of quality.

Management’s targets are:

  • consolidate and improve market position;
  • enchance the level of service offered;
  • improve its internal organization in terms of resources and technology, guaranteeing a development capable of adapting to the ever-changing needs of the market;
  • increase our own business;
  • guarantee of willingness to satisfy the conditions required by the contract with its customer;
  • guarantee of continuity and punctuality of the service;

The Company Management is committed to pursuing and improving the quality of the company, making human, instrumental and economic resources available as a strategic commitment with respect to the more general aims of the entire business activity.

To guarantee the success, we have therefore decided to adopt a Quality Management System in reference to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard which is based on continuous enhance as a strategic element for company management, coordinating health and safety targets with those of quality.

It is the company’s main interest is to sensitize, involve and train the personnel in order to ensure a correct implementation of the Quality Management System, through targeted interventions established in a “Training Plan” updated every year.

The staff will mainly be trained on the value of their function and the consequences of their behaviour. It will have to be aware of his role in the company, which can also be deduced from the preparation of Job tasks and Organization chart.

The aim is to ensure that every worker takes awareness of the objectives and procedures of the company Quality Management System, on the actual and potential consequences of its work activities, on its own safety and due to improve their performance; on its role and responsibility to achieve compliance with the policy and on the potential consequences of any deviations from the procedures and / or instructions applied by the company.

This objective is achievable by working on the continuous involvement of staff and the development of skills, by organizing training and information moments, pursuing growth, awareness and a sense of responsibility.

This policy will be communicated to all interested parties. Internal company resources will be informed and trained on its contents. Furthermore. this policy will be displayed on the company bulletin board. The communication to the other interested external parties, whose requirements and expectations are an integral part of the quality management system, is guaranteed by the publication of this document on the company website.

Other main goals of the company are:

  • Operate in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations in force on our sector and any other requirements signed by the company.
  • Evaluate in advance the potential effects on the business organization of any changes to activities, processes and instruments, which could be developed in the future.
  • Maintain the adequacy of the Quality Management System and the constant improvement of its efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Give preference to suppliers who act with a view to continuously improving the services provided.
  • Monitor and improve the evaluation of processes, plants, equipment and activities in order to correctly identify the aspects and effects both in terms of quality and of Health and Safety at work.
  • Prevent accidents and occupational diseases of workers, committing to the continuous improvement of safety and health in the workplace, which can be implemented through the monitoring of all company accidents, analysing the potential causes by applying corrective actions;

The company strongly believes in the idea that having a planned and efficient quality management system can create greater specialization and attention in the implementation of the service. Above all, the company is constantly committed to its own internal monitoring of the resources and processes implemented.

This is the vision of the Company and its strategic objectives, which, with the help of all the human resources that operate in it, through periodic comparisons, verification of results, commitment and constant application, will be continuously developed and implemented.


Updated on 11/09/2019