since 1973 wood veneers

Maller srl was estabilished in 1973 and it works in the ennobled panels’ industry, for camper and moving houses, besides the work for half processed for the funiture industry.

Thanks to the long experience, we are one of the most important companies of our area. Hard work and passion qualify us to perfectly undertstand our customers requests, in order to find the best solution for the perfect value for money.

The future is our goal, we’re always on the hunt for new material and supports, in order to create the most innovative panels, so that we can satisfy the market demand.

The wood ennobling is a complex process that we are the master of.

The raw material is made in our industry: “Industria Compensati Colorno“, which is also the reason why we can guarantee unsurpassable delivery time. Afterwards, we ennoble the wood in Maller’s headquarters, creating different finishes, to guarantee the perfect quality of every product.