We are excited to share some important news with you: Industria Compensati Colorno and Maller were recently featured in an article in the prestigious AboutCamp B2B magazine. This recognition represents a significant milestone for our companies, underscoring our continued commitment and dedication to the plywood and furniture industry materials sector.

The AboutCamp B2B article highlights the excellence of both companies, from the quality of materials to the sustainability of production processes. Our focus on research and development, combined with in-depth market knowledge, allows us to offer innovative and high-quality solutions to our customers. This recognition fills us with pride and encourages us to continue on the path of innovation and excellence.

AboutCamp B2B magazine is a leading industry publication with a specific focus on the camping, caravanning and furniture industry. Being featured in its pages is not only a confirmation of the validity of our work, but also an opportunity to reach an even wider and more qualified audience. In the article, we discuss our advanced technologies, recent projects and challenges faced in the current market environment.

We invite all our employees, customers and partners to read the full article to learn more about our latest news and successes. You can find the original post with the link to the article on our LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Post.

This achievement is the result of the teamwork and commitment of all employees at Industria Compensati Colorno and Maller. Every day, we put passion and expertise into what we do, and we are pleased that these efforts are recognized internationally.

Thank you all for your continued support. We will continue to work with dedication to maintain and improve the high standards that set us apart, always looking toward a future of innovation and quality.