Last Friday, June 28, 2024, teams from Industria Compensati Colorno, Maller, Azienda Agricola Colornese, Olos, Sandei Mobili, and Immobiliare Sandei had an unforgettable experience at the Labirinto della Masone in the province of Parma. The team-building event, titled “One Way, One Team – Getting Out of the Maze of Business Transformation,” was a unique opportunity for all participants to strengthen team spirit and deepen the concept of collaboration in a context as fascinating as it was challenging.


The day began with a brief introduction on the importance of teamwork and how to meet the challenges of business change. After the keynote speech, participants were divided into teams with the goal of exiting the famous maze, the largest in the world built entirely of bamboo. The labyrinth, with its intricate pathways, was a perfect metaphor for the transformational journey our holding company is undertaking.

Within the maze, teams had a special task: to find two minotaurs, each of which held a key word essential to the event theme. The search for the minotaurs, which represented “responsibility” and “change,” encouraged each team to collaborate closely, communicate effectively and use the different skills of team members to achieve the common goal.

The Masone maze, with its winding corridors and multiple forks, posed a real challenge, forcing participants to think outside the box and work together to find the way out. The discovery of the key words “responsibility” and “change” represented not only the team’s success, but also a moment of reflection on our corporate journey.

This team building event demonstrated that, as in the labyrinth, there are no shortcuts in corporate reality. It is only through teamwork, shared responsibility and openness to change that we can find our way and achieve our goals.

Thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm and commitment. We are confident that this experience will further strengthen our team spirit and guide us on our journey of business transformation.